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Where Startups Can Resolve
Their Problems

Why did 'Honghap Valley' start?

Startups’ concerns are as various as their outburst ideas. And even if they know how to resolve their problems, many aspects of it make startups hesitate to take actions. HONGHAP VALLEY was fully aware of the difficulties, so we decided to help startups by sharing our experiences.

HONGHAP VALLEY’s regional conditions

‘HONGHAP’ stands for Hongik University and Hapjeong district. Why is ‘HONGHAP’ worth noticing?

  • ICT, Design, Contents based Startups are growing in this region.
  • There are many chances to get insights from youthful culture.
  • It has great accessibility of public transportation.
  • Visitors from US, China, and Japan are rapidly increasing.

We focused on ‘HONGHAP’ district because we believed startups can build ties with these conditions.

When HONGHAP VALLEY’s CEO, David Koh, started his business in Silicon Valley, he was fascinated by open mindedness and creativity among talented people sharing ideas.

Since then Koh has progressed this event called ‘Demo Day’ for startups and founded HONGHAP VALLEY where startups can realize their business ideas. And nowadays, a number of other Demo Day events have been taken place. Still, however, Koh is dedicated to give practical benefits to startups.

The Pivot Of Startups,
Matching Service

We help developers and designers, and startups and MSEs connect.

  • We arrange project matching for corporate growth
  • We create ‘smart environment’ invigorating business mentoring
Enterprise of
middle standing
  • You can operate your business or commercialize items, leveraged by HONGHAPVALLEY
  • We build a working environment where startups can share marketing, PR and necessary resources
  • We help mutual growth of midsized enterprises and startups

You Can Translate Your Idea
Into Reality

  1. 01 Research and Analysis
  2. 02 Idea Examination & Initial Design
  3. 03 Prototype Manufacture
  4. 04 Development
  5. 05 Test
Translating idea
into reality
  • We provide overall coping ways of company operation through CEO meeting ups
  • We enable you to share opinions with a human network
  • We guide a long-term idea-development with effective resource planning
A Phased support
for Minimum viable
product (MVP)
  • You can get a prompt customer feedback and supplement products with in our support for MVP
  • With the help of out consultant you can improve your ideas, thereby enhancing your startups’ values

Consultant Based On
Startup’s Goal

Government subsidy programs, Investment Strategy

  • We ease your burden to receive government subsidy with a step-by-step support
  • We give consultation on securing investors

Legal advice, Administrative service

  • We formed an accounting consultant group for startup
  • We provide administrative service including tax accounting, incorporation process
  • You can get continuous consultation on minimizing expenses / Pro bono legal services

Recruitment, Human resource management

  • HR experts will help you evaluate and revise your recruiting system
  • Post-recruitment management with related professional manpower

Design, Technology, Marketing

  • We suggest strategies on fund securing, market research, and growth model working together with professional consulting experts
  • We conduct customer feedback surveys, feasibility analysis, and comparison reviews of similar products to provide startups with technology and service solutions

A Stage for Startups

Event for startups

We create human network which through people interested in startup can gather in one place, share their ideas and information, and cooperate to start their own businesses.
We also hold events and invite specialist from various fields to give valuable advices to startups.

Programs for community

Using our internal competence, we run projects and contribute to our communities. Beyond founding business, we offer educational programs to help you get certified/achieve professional certifications, and learn document editing and software engineering.